In 2020 – 21, both the CMOs and CDOs are being tested and challenged during enterprises curtailed digital plans. However, there are long-term benefits to be had in forging a closer working relationship between CMOs and CDOs.

With increased analytics, martech focuses on targeted returns on investment. As digital executives try to enlarge the scope of customer experience and towards faster and effective product offerings to markets, the combination of expansive ideation + targeted analytical approach will be the new trend to explore.

Factors such as digital experience, mapping of the customer journey, content-brand interaction, technology integration, and ideating for expansion, are certain areas of cooperation for the two profiles. Rather than vying for scarce resources, CMOs and CDOs can focus on creating winning digital solutions and better experiences, cost-effectively, to sustain through the post-pandemic resurgence.

How can they co-exist and collaborate to create more solutions and product diversifications effectively? How can they optimize resource utilization in an investment-tightened environment? Which new challenges and opportunities brought forward by the newly virtualized consumer base?

Key Topics

  • The Collaborative Space Between Marketing and Digital Technology: Emerging Scenarios
  • Migrating Efficiently to Omnichannel Marketing from Transactional Marketing
  • CX: The Mantra to Revamp Your Campaigns and Touchpoints
  • Creating Cost-Effective Visual Campaigns Using Digital Tech
  • The Digital Marketing Ideation Process: From Changing Culture to Committing Resources

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